Much as creativity may be maximized when neural connections integrate a network of brain regions, productivity, satisfaction and fulfillment are maximized when life is integrated across a network of experiences and domains.

We no longer bifurcate our lives into work and personal. Rather, we live one complete life that includes multiple domains.


Yet people don’t realize the number of transitions and evolutions that they go through in their lives (each year, month, week or even daily) or the impact of these transitions and evolutions on feelings of balance and fulfillment. To effectively manage any life transition, regardless of type or perceived size, one needs to recognize the evolution and optimize their own personal realignment.

For people going through a Life Transition or Evolution, LA•PhD provides a unique approach to coaching.

Dr. Appelbaum has created the Complete-Life Approach© to coaching, merging the separate pieces of individuals’ lives so that values are honored across life domains. Dr. Appelbaum believes that we live one multi-dimensional life, and to improve the quality of this life, we must strive for greater satisfaction across all of life’s realms. Working holistically elicits greater satisfaction and fulfillment across all areas of life, both within and outside of the workplace.



As a coach, I create an open and safe place for individuals to challenge themselves, learn and explore all the facets of their lives more deeply. I provide the structure and support needed for people to make powerful transformations in their lives.