Lauren was a tremendous help when I was figuring out the next chapter of my career. She’s a great listener, and working with her has given me a refreshing new perspective that I apply to many areas of my life.

—Carol, Editor

Having Lauren as my coach for nine months was a transforming experience. The first thing that I learned with Lauren was the importance of perspective. By changing how we view our lives we can drastically change our experiences. Lauren helped me to re-discover what was most important in my life. By recognizing what was a priority in my life, I was able to let go of activities, people, or things that were getting in the way of living the life I always wanted to have. I was able to channel my energy and time into working towards my life goals. I am truly grateful to Lauren for helping me to become the person that I am today.

—Elena, Teacher

When Lauren began coaching me, I’d lost my job in a wave of company layoffs and began working from home. Lauren helped give my life structure and inspired me to get motivated again. And whenever life or work threw a curveball, Lauren was there to put things in perspective, inspiring me to overcome and adapt to whatever came my way with solid, constructive advice.

—Jeff, Writer/Reporter

With the help of Lauren’s coaching, I identified my core personal values and recognized my need to honor them. This helped guide me in making the right life decision to work or stay at home. Lauren is a great listener who helps bring clarity and focus to those blurry thoughts rushing through your head.

—Rebecca, Budget Manager

Lauren was wonderful. In addition to guiding me through a difficult time in my life, she provided me with strategies and tools that I was able to use when our sessions ended. She truly listened, understood, and never judged. I’d lost my sense of values and value. Lauren helped me realize that my dreams of becoming a writer were important and that I was important. Lauren gave me the confidence to captain my own ship and steer the course of my own life as a powerful person. Thank you, Lauren!

—Fernanda, Published author, wife and mother of a teenager