Professional coaching benefits a company by providing a strong sense of purpose, fulfillment and balance for employees at all levels of the organization. This has been proven to improve employee potential through greater satisfaction, engagement, retention, productivity and performance.

Utilizing the Complete-Life Approach©, LA•PhD uniquely provides a holistic and personal approach to optimizing individual performance. LA•PhD marries organization and employee needs by offering individual coaching to employees at all levels of the organization. Improved employee well-being results in greater focus, productivity and organizational commitment. A focus on fulfillment, purpose and value identification highlights worker alignment with organizational culture.

LA•PhD provides measurable results through a Pre- and Post-Coaching employee assessment evaluating:

  • Employee engagement
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Employee commitment


LA•PhD uniquely brings the studied tenets of the field of psychology to corporate coaching, helping employees at all levels of the organization effectively manage various life transitions.

This improves employee satisfaction and engagement, increases employee retention and maximizes employee productivity, performance and potential. For business people who are going through a Life Transition, LA•PhD is the coaching consultancy that uniquely utilizes the Complete-Life Approach© to optimize individual performance in the workplace.



Companies that help employees through Life Transitions are more likely to engage and retain employees.


Crossroads impacting an employee’s life and therefore their productivity and performance at work are Life Transitions.

Companies that help employees through life transitions are more likely to engage and retain employees, thus improving productivity and performance results for the organization. Typically, coaching consultancies focus on coaching employees through transitions in roles within an organization. Through her extensive educational background in psychology and her qualifications as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Dr. Appelbaum is uniquely qualified to provide a coaching experience for employees who have recently experienced a life transition.

Through coaching, individuals gain awareness of themselves and of the choices they make. If you are fully present and willing to work, the coaching process will be a transformative one.

Growth begins with stuck.

Working with a coach is a great way to bring fulfillment and purpose to your life and to open yourself to the infinite number of perspectives from which you can view any situation.

LA•PhD creates an open and safe place for individuals to challenge themselves, learn and explore. Dr. Appelbaum provides the structure and support needed for people to access their internal resources and empower themselves to make conscious and resonant choices.

By taking a holistic Complete-Life Approach© to coaching, Dr. Appelbaum will help you access your internal resources so that you can maneuver through life’s transitions and evolutions with courage and clarity.

LA•PhD leads workshops that are conducted as stand-alone events for your group or organization or as a way of introducing LA•PhD to your employees.

Fulfillment is not a place you get to. It’s a road you walk along.

LA•PhD’s Complete-Life Approach© to coaching provides a unique framework around which Dr. Appelbaum creates memorable workshops. Dr. Appelbaum employs her background in psychology and Co-Active Coaching to engage participants and encourage learning and growth.


  • The Complete-Life Approach© to Balancing Priorities
  • Your Values & The Workplace
  • Communication without Borders
  • Stuck is Merely a Springboard for Growth
  • There is no Emerald City – Fulfillment is found along the Yellow Brick Road

Keeping up with our children’s lives and the responsibilities of parenting can be overwhelming. Children do not always make it easier by cooperating or by making their best effort. It is easy to become frustrated or stuck and to lose sight of our own priorities, values or purpose.

(Re)Find the fun in parenting!

LA•PhD utilizes the Complete-Life Approach© in parent groups to bring together parents who are looking for new perspectives on parenting.

Create balance between your own priorities and those of your children by playing with the perspectives you hold and the choices you make. Find greater fulfillment by staying true to your values and by living intentionally and according to your purpose. Engage your children so they help to ease the pressure rather than create more of it. (Re)Find the fun in parenting!